Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In....

At last I was home for a Friday Night Sew In.
The last two that were held were on nights where I was working.  Very sad face here.  But that all changed last night.  Yayy, happy dance. 
I was able to sit and sew all night in a nice quiet house.  Well, I did have High School Musical on in the background, but don't tell anyone!
I started by glueing down my circle and leaf shapes for the Princess Feather border, then got stitching.

Those circles take ages to stitch around, luckily they're only small!
Next up is to glue and stitch down the flower shapes at the end of the stems- more circles : )  .


  1. Great work and great progress! I couldn't join the Friday Night Sew In last night, so I know how you've felt previously. We can't do everything, can we?

  2. Oh it's gorgeous. I really love it.

    (I almost missed a sew in recently and it was quite the tragedy so I know how you feel !)

  3. Beautiful work!
    I love those birds!

  4. Wonderful progress .... beautiful applique!