Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A busy time...

has been happening around here lately.
It's summer school holidays, but unfortunately the weather isn't really co-operating.  The DD's are enjoying sleeping in, in the mornings and so am I.
It's the time of year when the fruit trees go into production.
I have a young apricot tree that loves to produce lots of beautiful fruit.  Apricots usually ripen all together although this year with the milder weather the fruit has ripened over a longer period.  However, I have managed to make 7.5 kg of apricots into jam in the last few days.
A taste of summer all through the year.
I recently went to the annual Summer School in Wodonga run by Patchwork on Stonleigh.  Although the actual classes ran from January 7 to 16, I attended from 13 to 16th January.
This is the third year that I've been, and I'm very sorry to say that it will be my last.  The local shop which runs the school-"Patchwork on Stonleigh"- is closing shortly.  A fantastic little store run by very friendly and knowledgeable ladies, their closing will leave a huge hole in the availability of soft reproduction fabrics and a perfectly eclectic mix  of others.
I chose to take part in a class with Karen Cunningham from Sydney.  A lovely teacher who designs reproduction English style quilts.

Those little hexagons are 1/2", sooo tiny.  This quilt is throw size so I'm hoping it will actually get finished this year. 

I also took part in a class with Susan Smith.  A lovely teacher who is so giving with her knowledge and expertise.

This is so sweet in the flesh, so to speak.  Soft colours.
The top block, minus its centre, took nearly 5 hours to cut out each piece then hand piece it together!         The square in a square block needs another round of triangles, but was so quick to cut out and sew in comparison.    I also picked up a pattern of another quilt that I've loved for quite a time.  No pics of that yet, but soon.  A little bit of handwork to keep me busy!




  1. Kerry, you are indefatigable! Your perseverance with all your projects is amazing. And these two are big projects. But I do love that "Anna" design. I think I have a little hexie infection... and hope to be rid of it soon! Too many other projects must come first.

    I enjoyed seeing your apricot canning. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have your own backyard fruit tree, of any kind! Certainly the prevalence of backyard fruits, throughout Australia, accounts for everyone's knowledge of canning. I have only one friend who cans, and that's usually strawberries or blackberries. Nothing from a fruit tree. You are so fortunate!

  2. Oh that apricot jam looks yummy...
    Check out the hexies...won't take you long to get the medallions done...
    Love the Little Sparrow blocks...