Monday, January 13, 2014

Summer School.

Well, another year's Summer School has come and gone. The weather was perfect, the company wonderful and the quilts gorgeous.
"Something about Florence" is a quilt that was originally made by Florence Peto.
This is a reproduction by Susan Smith, she has used the same pink cherub fabric that was used in the original.  Such a cute fabric.

As usual, my class time was filled with chatting and eating fabulous food, bt I did manage to sew these 5 paper-pieced stars.
My other class was "The Chapman Coverlet"  a reproduction of a quilt that appeared in the V and A exhibition in Brisbane.

The pattern by Susan Smith was accompanied by 2 templates she had designed.  The cutout on the left is fantastic for tracing the curved part on to a 2" fabric square.  The easiest way to construct this small block is to applique the curved piece onto a 2 1/2" square, then stitch the squares together.  Rather than trace around a shape that may move, it's very easy to trace the curve on a larger template.
This is my little pile of blocks in various stages of completion.  So easy to get lots done when sitting on the couch at night.
A wonderful week away, and a couple of projects to be going on with.  I love handwork!


  1. Wow - beautiful quilts! Thanks for showing how you made the Chapman Coverlet little blocks - a perfect handwork project. I love the fabrics you have chosen! Sounds like a great summer school. Am guessing in Victoria?

  2. Oooh I like that pink/cream/spot star…glad to see you didn't overdo it in class without me to keep you on pace…although that does seem to be a fair bit of work achieved for the Chapman Coverlet...

  3. I'm very glad to hear you had a good time - again! Seems like there isn't much you couldn't enjoy with such a long time away. Sounds divine to me! Your little appliquéd circle squares are adorable. I bet that's fun hand work. I'd like it too... if I could take the time to slow down. Ha! Enjoy yourself!

  4. It was a wonderful time and thanks for sharing your table with me and for your company. It was fabulous! I managed to get more green toile so it is ready and waiting now for me to keep going. Lots more of the Chapman is cut out as well. I am making myself finish the last 2 Sylia blocks before I'm allowed to do more Florence.