Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Benjamin Biggs..

Have you noticed the button in the sidebar for the Benjamin Biggs Quilt?  A few weeks ago, the Just Takes 2 ladies announced that they were presenting another free BOM that would run for 2 years.  I must admit I was very intrigued.  I really need another project.  NOT!  LOL.
However, I did go and have a look at the quilt.  Oh my, such a gorgeous mid 18th century applique wedding quilt.

 Biggs_Quilt_adjusted_2_(1) (2)_2wtmk

(image from Just Takes 2)
I couldn't control myself,  before I knew it, background fabric was winging its way to me, and then I had to start.  The quilt is mostly red and green with a splash of blue.  Amazingly, I have enough of these colours in the stash to make the quilt.  (actually enough to make several quilts!).
So, here's the original block from the quilt.  (image from just takes 2)

Benjamin Biggs Block 1

My version will be useing very similar colours of fabric
Trying to decide between these reds.  At the moment, the left hand red is winning.


  1. Mmm love those reds - have two of them in my BB pile too - amongst others!

  2. I looked....I admired...I backed away from the computer screen...have fun playing with this quilt over the next two years...