Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Busy work.

Although I'm away at a sewing week learning new skills and a couple of new patterns, I always take handwork with me to fill in stolen moments after the classes finish.  I usually keep sewing on the project from class, but heaven forbid that I might want something different and be without anything to sew!

So, just for something a little different, I'm taking my applique of wool on fabric.  Still working on this project from last winter, but it's a pleasure to work with the wool.
Unfortunately, it's very time consuming in its preparation.  Trace shapes onto fusible, cut out, iron onto wool, cut out, press to background, and finally stitch into place.  Whew!

Ready to iron into place.
I find that after fusing the shapes down, it doesn't take very long to actually blanket stitch them down, and doesn't take much concentration either!  Great after a long day.  Will have more blocks to show soon, nearly finished the applique blocks of this quilt.


  1. Loads of preparation it would seem, but worth the effort! It looks like a lovely block!

  2. Good grief woman you can't rely on the class project to keep you fully occupied, options are a must…looks like it's going to be a lovely block, worth all the hours of preparation…hope you are having fun at school...