Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The last Present.

Well, the last package has arrived.  Happy Birthday to me, and not a set of towels in sight!

Look at those colours.  When I saw this quilt in photographs, I love the pattern, but I really loved the colours.  It's much more rich in person.   The batting in this quilt is much thicker than my previous quilt.  The quilting is beautiful.

Such lovely piecing- the points all match.

There are 3 blocks along 1 edge where this yellow has been used.  I wonder if it was just that she ran out of orange.

Gorgeous 30's (  I think) fabrics, maybe 40's?

The binding is simply the backing brought over to the front and stitched by hand.
Some of these fabrics are quite coarse in weave, the prints are really fine. 
I'm very happy with these latest purchases.  I certainly wish there were quilters in my ancestors, but that wasn't to be.  No heirlooms to be handed down, so I'm obtaining my own!  LOL.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is even prettier than the last quilt you showed! Love the color combo which is quite unusual. Who would ever think to put green on the back of an orange and pink quilt top?! Love it!