Monday, September 30, 2013

A gift to me.

It's my birthday soon, and I've been buying my own presents for quite some time.  This is much better than the question "Would you like these new  towels for your birthday?"  I kid you not, this was a question last week!  Anyway, I most graciously replied "No thanks, You've bought me something nice and it will be coming soon in the post,"
So, Friday dawned clear and windy, but it also brought the postie to my doorstep.

Yayyyy, all the way from half a world away.  A rather soft and squishy parcel.

Still soft and squishy, but also very beautiful.

What a sight on top of my king-size bed.  Hand stitched beauty.

Oh, the hand-quilting is so lovely.

What a lot of work this wonderful quilter put in so long ago.
I find myself wondering about her  Unfortunately, there was no information accompanying this quilt,but it's easy to see that it was magnificent back in its day.
Much better than new towels!


  1. What a lovely present - it looks in wonderful condition and such great colours! Happy Birthday:)

  2. Very pretty, Kerry! It looks lovely on your bed. Do you have a bed skirt below? I'm asking because I think I need to make one for the guest room bed. That Friendship Medallion quilt I made a couple years ago isn't quite big enough.