Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Project Intermission...

I was a little weary the last few days- night shift will do that to you.  I really wanted to sew, but I didn't trust my tired eyes to any applique that I've been working on.
Whilst looking around Blogland, I found Aunt Reen's Place and noticed that she'd just finished a short Sew-a-Long.  It involved a new to me cutting method for hexagon blocks with a 60 degree ruler.  Now, I purchased a new ruler a while ago but hadn't had a chance to use it yet.  So, win-win for me.

A few bits of a recent fabric club came in very handy.

Strips of background from the fabric resource shelves!  Using the new ruler to cut pieces.

Then in half.

Now, we had a little problem here Houston.  Somehow I managed to cut some of the pieces a little "wrong"- remember that night shift?  Hmmmm, I thought this was a foolproof project-maybe I shouldn't operate sharp objects with not much sleep!

Sewing the shapes together.
And Voila.....
Blocks are made.

This will finish about 32" square- a lovely table topper size.  thanks so much for the Sew Along Irene, I came along a little late, but enjoyed finding the project.
A bit of fudging with the  shapes, some creative trimming, and I got the blocks about the same size after cutting the hexagons wrong.
Now, borders I think, and maybe I can even machine quilt this one.


  1. hehe!! I have found, through too many hard-learned lessons, that I simply cannot sew past 9:30 pm. Nothing good happens after then at my sewing station. ;D

  2. Oh wow this looks striking! What a great stash buster this would be, stunning!

  3. I'm in a hexie "phase" myself right now, so I can understand and appreciate what you've done. It can be really fun to pick up something completely new and different, and see it to a quick finish. Hope the quilting goes smoothly.