Sunday, September 22, 2013

Twirling balls.

Moving along slowly on my DD's quilt.
The stitching is not hard, but there is more preparation required than usual for me.  I've chosen to back baste these applique blocks .  This is a new technique to me, very easy, but as with all applique by hand- the time is in the preparation.

I'm stiching the dark fabric to the gold, the pink running stitch is my guide for applique stitching, these are removed as I sew.
I'm getting used to this technique.  It's wonderful for absolute accuracy, the pieces don't move at all.  This is a problem I've had in the past.  I like to glue baste, but often the fabric moves a little before I have time to sew it down.
Do you back baste?  What's your preferred method of applique?


  1. I love back basting Kerry - for the accuracy too! Your block looks wonderful.

  2. You're appliquéing with my favorite method. Well, it's the favorite WHEN I appliqué! It's been years since I've picked it up. You twirly block is looking great!