Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter presents...

Instead of large amounts of Easter chocolate, I love to receive fabric.
DH was so generous this year,(even though he didn't know it!), the lovely postie keeps bringing in parcels for me.
Just look at these gorgeous fabrics.
These are "Party of Twelve" by Judy Rothermel.  The red in the top left corner is simply to die for!  I thought it looked good on my screen, but in the flesh- oh so gorgeous.
The yellows are really lovely, and those greens are just perfect poison colours. 

This range is "The Merchant's Wife" by Terry Clothier Thompson.  It's set a couple of my online groups atwitter! (is that a word?  LOL.)
 It's a really stunning group of fabrics in vivid, saturated colours and really large scale designs.
The fabrics just glow so much in real life.  I love large scale patterns for cutting into blocks.  Many times in old quilts I've seen large prints cut up into squares or triangles, they look so effective in changing the scale in the blocks.  Does this make sense?
These fabrics are stripes across the width of fabric. An interesting design decision.  I prefer my stripes to run along the length of fabric- makes it much easier to cut borders and sashings if I choose.

The stripes in the top 2 fabrics run lengthwise.  The colours are so vivid.  Oh so beautiful.  I've left these fabrics out on my kitchen bench for a few days, looking and touching and imagining every time I pass.  My family think I'm nuts!

Who needs chocolate?


  1. Very beautiful! Can I ask where you found the Merchant's wife in stock? especially the fabrics in the second picture - just stunning.

  2. OMG So So Jealous...I. Want. Those. Fabrics! Himself has done a sterling job of shopping...