Monday, April 1, 2013

Block 5 is done.

Well, these Bunny blocks are being finished so much quicker than I had anticipated!  Feels so good.
Especially for Annette, here are my next 2 blocks.  I'm leaving the embellishing until I've finished them all.

Annette is doing a "great" job of keeping me going with these blocks. 
Oh no, I've just looked at the photos properly.  The left egg is correctly appliqued, the right egg seems to be sitting on the wheel!  How do these things happen?  I see a small amount of unstitching in my future. 


  1. He he...glad to be of service in keeping you on track!...yeah, 'coz I'm soooo good at getting things done on time (stop laughing)...don't you hate that when the applique pieces move around out of order without notice, at least it is only a little bit, sure you've fixed to Block'll have the whole quilt top done in no time, keep going...

  2. How nice to be making progress, though two steps forward and one step back can make it even slower. It's funny how we can look and look at something in person, and then see something different behind a camera lense. I just found that on my RRCB quilt, one strip of red and white sawtooth patches are sewn on the block the wrong direction. Yep, found it AFTER piecing, basting, AND having most of the quilting done. Go figure.