Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well, now I'm all caught up on my Grandmother's Choice blocks.
Last week was this Kansas Sunflower block.

 This block was quite tricky to piece.  This is my back view.  I twirled the petal intersections to get them to lie flat.  I tried very hard to piece the centre circle into the block, but it's been a long long time since I've done that and I just couldn't get it to sit.  So, plan B?  Applique.  Perfect.
The block wasn't sitting straight, so I sprayed a little water on it and blocked it to size. 

Turned out well in the end.
I felt like I was on a roll by this time, so moved on to machine piecing Saturday's block.
New Jersey Suffrage Pioneer.

Thankfully this block was nice and easy to piece. 


  1. Beautiful blocks. I love your sunflower.

  2. Your sunflower turned out well, I never remember about blocking, it makes quite a difference. The New Jersey block came out well, I'm thankful for a simpler block this week.