Sunday, October 7, 2012

The last couple of days have been very productive.
In August of 2011, I began a Medallion quilt with Patchwork Pumpkin.  The only rules of the free pattern were that in order to obtain each step from Therese, a photo of the completed previous step must be sent in, and no fabric could be purchased for use in the quilt.  I worked slowly but surely through the first 5 rounds of the medallion.  The 6th step was 72 9 patches on point.  It was here that it all stopped.
A while ago, Linda  prodded me and asked how I was going.  Of course, Linda has finished hers!
So, I finally got moving on Step 6 last Friday.  I was travelling to my regular 6 hour sewing marathon with friends, it seemed like the perfect time to do some very boring sewing. 
From this...

I also sewed along  with Bonnie Hunter whilst she was having a Quilt cam evening(her time)  on Saturday morning (my time).  Every once in a while, Bonnie sews with a live camera hooked up to her website.  It's just like taking a class.  A very enjoyable way to fill in a couple of hours.
To this...

 And finally, these.
Finished up on a very lazy Sunday afternoon.

Next up are the setting triangles to turn them on point, and then to attach these borders onto the quilt.


  1. You are progressing much better than I am with that medallion quilt, I still have the Part 1 instructions staring at me from the wall :)

  2. Glad to know it was okay for me to ask you about your Friendship Medallion quilt, and you DIDN'T ask me about my UFO Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt! Or is your RRCB not done either?