Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Quilt that very nearly wasn't!

I've been following Lori at Humble Quilts for quite some time.  Recently, she had a quilt-along to reproduce a full size antique quilt in miniature.  A lovely little doll sized version.
I collected the weekly parts and thought "one day".
Well, last week was that one day.  I set out to buy some nice plain red, I seem to have very little in the way of solids in my stash.  Must change that.
I spent a couple of hours choosing and cutting fabrics ready for a sewing spree.

All those lovely little 1 1/2" squares, and tiny little rectangles.  At this point, I realised that I'd misread the instructions, and didn't need the red rectangles!   I very nearly just threw the lot into the bin.   Oh dear, a good cup of tea and a fair bit of time feeling very stupid. 
Anyway, onwards with the little squares.  So cute sewn into little 9-patches.

 The pieces came together beautifully, I was really liking the way this little quilt was coming together.

When I went to cut the borders, I had to purchase additional red fabric.  Not enough left from all the miscutting!  I managed to get another piece of red that was a  very close match to the little squares.  Of course the shop had sold out of "my" red.
Finally, borders on and awaiting layering and basteing.  A very sweet 22" x 22 1/2".

So cute.  Well worth the effort of finishing this little beauty.  To think it very nearly wasn't!


  1. That is so was my birthday remember!! OK so it was yours too...darn that argument is going to wash...well done on a quick finish...

  2. It's oh-so-pretty, Kerry! I'm glad to know you're going to be looking for more solids. We can't have enough of those, especially in modern quilting. Just wondering... where do you get your fabrics? And where do you buy solids? Do you have access to Kona?