Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm feeling very happy today.
I've finished the second part of my  "Robin's Nest"  block of the month, and yet again the next part hasn't arrived.  I'm still ahead!  The border fabric works so well, a lot of fussy cutting and baste-ing, but so good in the end.  I often look at fabric like this on the bolt and wonder how to use it- well this is a wonderful way.

The third part can come now!
I've also been working on Part 3 of  "The Marriage Quilt".
Lately there has been a lot of applique in my life.

 Not finished yet, but almost there.  I'm not anywhere near caught up on this quilt, though.  I have Parts 4 and 5 sitting waiting for me!


  1. They're both coming together beautifully, but I really love the Robin's Nest design. You're doing a great job.

  2. In am in love with Robin's Nest, gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. The Marriage Quilt is looking good.