Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little time with my glue stick, and look at what gets done!
Since being introduced to the wonders of glue baste-ing  paper piecing shapes, I'm hooked.  It's so much faster than the traditional thread baste-ing methods, and just as accurate.
So these little shapes turned into these bigger shapes.....

Can you see how enthusiastic I've become about stitching in the mornings.  It takes a chunk out of the start of the day, but I'm finding that I start thinking about what I'd like to get done straight after breakfast- the washing is on early, the floor is swept, dishes in the dishwasher- just so I don't feel guilty about sitting down!

The next row of red diamonds and triangles have started.

And, I managed to get these cut out and basted in my tea break at work Monday night.  People are starting to notice!

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  1. This is so much fun for you! I can hear your excitement for sewing! Your hexagons, with those pretty red spacers, are stunning. No wonder your coworkers are taking notice!