Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A whole lot of stitching has been happening around here this week.
I've been tuning in to Bonnie of Quiltville this week.  Bonnie is turning on her live webcam most nights (her time), which is about mid-morning here.
It's lovely starting the day with some sewing.

I often sew at night with a movie on in the background, this is much better.  It's all quilting related.  Bonnie chats away about her project, giving sewing, pressing and fabric selection tips as she goes.  Even better, she answers emails sent in whilst she's on Quilt-cam!
It's just like being at a sewing group.  I'm busy stitching hexagons, trying to finish a project from Summer School in January- I may just be able to take a finished top to next January's class.
Talk about having just enough fabric for a project- I had a fat 1/8th of this cream and that's it.  I needed 8 more hexagons to finish my project.  I was certainly holding my breath as I got the piece out to see if I had enough.

Mindless pinning and cutting out is very easily accomplished when I have someone to listen to on the laptop.

So much done in the last few days.  Think I should take my temperature!
But gosh it feels good.

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  1. Your enthusiasm for sewing with Bonnie comes straight through this blog post! How great for you to have such perfect timing - to be able to sew in the mornings, get so much done, and still get to work to complete your day. I haven't been able to catch Bonnie because her sewing time isn't the same as mine. I'm so glad it's working perfectly for you. Wonderful!