Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two down.

Well, another great use of the weekend.  I'm in count down mode to use my kitchen floor baste-ing space before my new kitchen gets going and I no longer have the room.
So , bright and mid-afternoon (LOL), I got out the backing I took all day to stitch yesterday, and started by sticking it to my floor.
Why does it always take me so long to sew together a backing.  I think a lot of it's in my mind!  But when I have to stitch several pieces of fabric together it takes me ages.
Anyway,  backing stuck down then batting and finally the top.  Yayyyyy.  Onto the hardest part- the pin basting.
So once again I enlisted help of the kids and that helped get the job done.
Here's a photo of the quilt all basted.
It's another mystery quilt from Bonnie K. Hunter    of Quiltville.  I really love stitching along on her mystery quilts.
I still have another 4 or 5 quilts to pinbaste, but I think I may run out of pins before I finish.  I have 2 1/2 boxes of safety pins left.  Crossed fingers it will see me through.
As a thankyou to the DK's what better way to spend a cold wintery evening at the start of 2 weeks of school holidays than toasting marshmellows?
We don't have an open fire so this is the next best thing!


  1. Love your quilt! And you kids did a great jon helping you!
    Yummie! Love marsmellows!

  2. Two tops basted, I'm impressed...but take it easy, you don't want to be doing yourself an injury.
    Mmmm...toasted marshallows...yummo.