Friday, June 25, 2010

It's in her blood!

Well, look out mum , I'm coming in.
My youngest DD at 12 has decided that she's waited long enough in the sewing stakes and she wants to get involved.  She's been happy until now,  cutting out animal shapes and hand sewing them together (with plenty of stuffing) to make animals.  In she comes to my sewing room today, and announced she was going to make a cushion.  She had a hand-drawn pattern in one hand and a piece of fabric that I had printed a photo onto for her.
We modified the design a little to make it achievable for her, I cut her chosen fabric into strips and away she went.  She actually is a very safe and straight sewer on my trusty old Pfaff.  I guess all those years of watching have paid off.

Anyway , a couple of hours later, we had a cushion front.
All her own choice of fabric from my "fabric resource centre"!
Only one problem: now she's asking where she can "have a corner of her own" in my sewing room.  There aren't enough corners for me, let alone one for her. LOL.


  1. How wonderful! You can be well and truly proud of her efforts. And isn't it gratifying to see a young person enjoy sewing as much as you do? I hope it sticks!

  2. Ohhh....we have something in common! My 9 year-old begged me all day yesterday to show her how to sew (on my old Brother), so TODAY will be the day! And I also am wondering...."okay, WHERE am I going to set her up?"

    How can we resist, right?

  3. That's wonderful. My daughter was NEVER interested in sewing, but during her teens she picked up the urge to cross stitch.