Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dear Jane.

Off to Dear Jane class today.  Held once a month, it's a good amount of time to actually get some blocks done between classes.  Six intrepid souls braved the freezing winter wind to get together at Quilters Bazaar 
in Gisborne.  Everyone is getting blocks together at varying paces.  I only pieced together 3 blocks since the last class, but I've been working hard on my Joseph's Coat quilt.
Here are my Dear Jane blocks in all their glory.
The top row is blocks  A1-A7.  Then I decided to sew the blocks from the centre out in the Trip Around The World colour scheme that Jane used.  Makes it easier to sort out different fabrics in each colour round I think.
I'm trying to stay as close as possible to the colours and patterns in the original.  Oh so far to go! LOL.


  1. I love your blocks and color choices. Mine is totally scrappy Civil War reproduction fabrics.

  2. Brave soul going out to Gisborne in this cold. Your blocks are looking good.

  3. Love your blocks! Just keep in mind it is all about the fun and the beauty of the blocks and don't think about the amount of block.... (at least I try not to....!)
    Have a nice day!

  4. I applaud ANYONE willing to take on a Dear Jane. Keep plugging away--it will be SO WORTH IT once your heirloom is finished!