Monday, April 26, 2010

What to do first.

Well, since I returned from the best weekend away ever in stitching history, I haven't been able to sit at one thing.  My kitchen table is covered in 3 projects which are all demanding equal time from me.
I found a pattern and fabric for pincushions just before we left for Adelaide..  I do need extra pincushions- the one I use is never in the right place.
The pattern actually has 5 pincushions in it, so of course I need to make them all.  I'm on to my second one so far.  Suddenly it's become an obsession. 

I really love the little heart button in the centre.
Next on the list is a lovely buttery yellow embroidered little pincushion.

In between times, I'm being drawn to trying to finish the stitching that I started in Adelaide.  It will be the feature panel on a bag one day!  LOL.
She'll look much better once she has a face.
And lastly, I'm still working away at my Dear Jane blocks.  We have our  second get-together tomorrow.  Although our homework was to complete 4 in the month, I'm trying to get nearly a row a month done.  That's 13 little blocks, so that I'm nearly done when our classes finish.  Lets not think about the triangles and kites around the border!
So far, so good.  This month I've completed 9 blocks, almost finished a tenth, and have 3 more prepped and ready to go.
I've been stitching on the little sashing strips as I go to.  I started sewing the first row - have got to block7.  But then I changed my mind and now I'm starting in the middle and working out.  Jane made the Quilt in a Trip around the world style.  So hopefully this will make colour choices easier.
So, blocks A1 and A2.
A3 and A4.  These blocks all have their sashing added and have been sewn together in 1 big row. 
A5 and A6.
Last but not least- A7.

Then, there are G 6 and G 8, and then H7 (almost finished).  This is my new start - I'm sewing in the round the world style from the centre.
Unfortunately, the colour is a little off in some of these photos, but close enough.
Well, back to the stitching.
Hope everyone else is being productive or is planning their next project.

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