Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Inspired Stitches...

What a fantastic weekend was had.
Two lovely and friendly teachers, with beautiful, achievable projects.
Firstly , Natalie Lymer, was showing us her newest patterns for a gorgeous bucket bag, needle book and gadget bags.
The colours are lovely and fresh, just perfect for these projects and the stitcheries are done in a wonderful thread that I haven't used before- Cosmo.  I may have to accumulate a selection of these threads.

We also had Natalie Ross tutoring us in some of her fabulous projects.

Firstly a lovely little bucket bag with a delicious strawberry appliqued onto it, then some embroidered flowers to embellish the panel on the bag.  This was accompanied by a "sewing machine wristie"- a sweet pincushion to go on the machine which even I could not knock off.  (which is what usually happens when I sit the pincushion on top of my machine).
This was joined by a lanyard to go around the neck with a strawberry pincushion and scissors holder, but unfortunately I didn't get a pic of this.
 The lovely display from Natalie Lymer. of Cinderberry Stitches.

Joined by an equally lovely display from Natalie Ross of In Stitches
We ladies from Victoria had such a good time at this retreat, that we have already started to talk about "when we go to the In Stitches retreat" for next year.
Sarah and her very capable crew from Quilt Fabric Delights thought of everything.
The room was comfortable, well lit with natural light.  The food- well lets just say we could have gone without our evening meal each day and we'd never have noticed!  Friendly ladies on our tables,  goody bags with patterns, starter kits, lollies.  Everything was there.
Accomodation was sooooo above standard.  The Retreat was held at a boarding school in Adelaide, we stayed in the boarding houses.  Let me tell you, there were no dormitories.
This was our spacious self contained 3 bed room unit.
Our lodgings were so good that GF Mrs G excelled herself and actually finished one of our stitchery projects!!!
This is Sarah and I standing in front of some of her bright and luscious fabric.  I did try to restrain myself with purchases, but when you're locked in a room for the weekend with all of that, what was I to do???


  1. *Sigh* this weekend just isn't the same as last...I think I've had post traumatic retreat withdrawals all week!! Looking forward to next year already.

  2. In the photo, are you the one on the left?

    It looks like a great get-away! So glad you found and tried Cosmo. They're new to me too, and I'm already building an assortment. They're wonderful to work with.