Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspired Stitches.

Well, a fantastic weekend away in Adelaide has been had.  Fabulous company, great food, terrific tutors, and the best organisation I've ever seen at a retreat.
I travelled to Adelaide over 2 days with GF Ms A.  We took our time, there are shops to be visited.
We travelled to Warrnambool for our first shopping expedition.  A treasure trove otherwise known as Fragrant Cottage.  I got some lovely little pieces of the new range from French General- Rural Jardin.  Next year at Summer School in Wodonga, Karen Cunningham is teaching a quilt which will be made in these fabrics.  We know nothing more!  So with trepidation and blind faith, GF Ms A and I are accumulating some bits and pieces.
The stripe will make a great binding.  I also found the pattern for the great traveling size bag- The Paris Traveller's Bag by Joanna Figeroa.  There was a sample made up in the shop, which I always like because it seems my imagination doesn't always work well!
Our next port of call was Stitch n Knit in Mount Gambier.  Let me tell you, after 1 1/2 hours poking around the shop, I felt like we'd only been in there for about 10 minutes. LOL.  A tremendous range of things and a lovely shop owner to boot.
I found the big border stripe piece of loveliness in the $10 m bin.!!!  What's a girl to do but buy a couple of metres, I think I'll make the Travelers bag with it.  Then there were the stripes.  So hard to find sometimes- and I have to admit that I love a stripe cut on the bias for a binding.  A gorgeous piece of Kaffe in there in case I need it for my sew- along project  Joseph's Coat from Kellie at Don't Look Now.   And some neutrally pieces for the next mystery over at Quiltville with Bonnie Hunter.  No pattern plans yet, but her quilts always need scrap neutrals, and I'm fast running out.
We finally made it to the venue for our retreat by 1/4 to 5 Friday afternoon, after a hard days shopping, but we really helped the economy!LOL.

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  1. Oh! I've been to the Fragrant Cottage too, so it's nice to imagine you visiting that shop. I too like to make candy cane-looking binding using striped fabric. I enjoy hearing what you've been up to.

    I'm in Sydney now, for a few weeks, and lovin' being back in your beautiful country!