Saturday, March 6, 2010

What to do when my machine is being serviced......

Well, I've stitched the hexagon centre to the background, now I need to machine stitch a 2" border around that.

Since my poor machine is having a sleep over, I need to move on to another project.  Of course, I really need to think hard on that.  I only have fabric and ideas for at least another 10 projects!!
So, on to a project that I have really wanted to start for ages.  I have everything I need to make the "Princess Feathers" quilt by Kim McLean.  The quilt is applique in Kaffe Fassett fabric.  This is a little outside my comfort zone, so I sourced a kit of fabric from Glorious Color .  The pattern called for 8 yards of background-of course everything I saw had only 2-3 meters left on the bolt.  Eventually managed to get it from 2 different local shops.  The kit contained 16 yards of Kaffe fabric- approx 12 yards of different fabrics for the applique (48 different pieces!!) , 2 3/4 yards of magenta bekah for the sashing and binding, and 3/4 yard of a lovely brown cotton shot with green and red.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  The brown for stems, and lovely spots for my background.

Here are some of the fabrics that I will be using for my feathers and the rest of the applique.
And the very gorgeous magenta Bekah.

 There is no way I could have accumulated all these fabrics on my own, especially when they are approx. $26- $28 metre here in Australia.  Just love mail order from the US.
Now to cut 20 metres of bias stems!  Oh my.
Oh, and what does the pattern look like?
Here it is in all its glory!


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  1. Oh, you are a girl after my heart! I love these bright colors, and have been sorely tempted to make "Lollipop Trees," another Kim McLean design. Such wonderful works, but I remind myself how much time it takes to complete, and so I've resisted. But I will thoroughly enjoy watching you make yours! Hmm, do I see this one on your Ten in '10?