Saturday, March 20, 2010

What I got up to last night...

Well, last night was Friday Night Sew-In.  A huge thank you to Heidi and Bobbi for organising this regular night of fun.
I'm pretty happy with what I accomplished.  I finished free machine quilting around the flowers on my cushion.

I also started machine appliqueing an Easter bunny cushion which will be for a gift.

This method of applique by machine, I am finding to be most addictive.  I am usually a needle turner.  I've been using that method of hand applique for years, and am quite quick with it but machine applique leaves it for dead in the time stakes.
I'm especially loving using my stash of Kaffe Fassett fabrics for the flowers.  The fabric lends itself to this style so well, and if I fussy cut the fabric, I don't have to stitch separate centres for the flowers.
Lastly, once again I forgot to get a stash of appropriate food fit for a sewing evening.  DF  Ms. A  posted about her stash of lollies, which reminded me that I had forgotten once again!  LOL
Sooo, I did what any self respecting quilter on a night in sewing would do- I baked.
Yummmmm  I made Chocolate Brownies with chocolate and sour cream frosting.  Luckily the kids also like it so I didn't have to eat it all, but I gave it a good try!


  1. Love your cushions!! And absolutely like Chocolate Brownies!!! Yum!
    Have fun and e a great weekend!

  2. Your quilting still looks great. And it's good to know someone knows how to make a good batch of brownies. Hmm. Wonder how well they ship?

    Please come visit my blog for a giveaway!

  3. Well done on getting all that quilting done. Your bunny design is so darn cute with the flowers. Look at you with all your fussy cutting now. I'm going to have to get going with having a go at that applique method.
    And baking to make up the food component shortfall - impressive. That chocolate brownie is making my mouth water. Mmmm, chocolate brownie = good travelling food? Hint hint (he he he).

  4. the quilting is just perfect and I love the appliqued flowers......both pieces are so pretty! You got a whole lot done.....It was a good Friday night....

  5. Love both of your cushions, and the brownies look scrumptious!

  6. Kerry, you commented for a chance to win my giveaway, but you're a "no-reply" blogger. If you win, I can't notify you because your email is private.

  7. What wonderful work you've done Kerry! Well done!
    I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!!