Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you have one of these?

Everyone needs one of these in their sewing room.  What is it I hear you ask?  Well, initially I bought a step ladder to get to my shelves.  I have shelving up to my ceiling which is 10 ft tall.  However, once I started to "tidy up" the room, I needed a little extra horizontal surface to put stuff on.  So, my step ladder became more shelves!

When I'm sewing, I like to watch something on TV.  Recently that has been old episodes of Frasier- stuff I can kind of listen to without watching.  There is just enough room to put my feet up on the second shelf whilst sewing!  Try not to look at the background in the photo, I'm taking a few days to try and clean up a bit, and it has to look worse before it looks better.  Doesn't it???
I'm on a roll here whilst without my sewing machine.  I've got several quilts in various stages of completion hanging on my quilt ladder.  Mostly tops, but a couple of quilts that I sent out to be all over quilted that just need binding.  They've been hanging, unfinished, for several years (gosh that sounds bad!).  So yesterday I got motivated and cut and pieced the binding for 2 of the quilts.  Stitched it on with my ever faithful, ancient, Pfaff, hand stitched the edges (don't talk to me about stitching black on black LOL) and voila.  Two quilts finished- actually DONE and DONE.  Yahooooooo.
The first is a strippy quilt of my design with some pieced blocks and some embroidery (old quilting patterns)  that I pieced about 5 years ago.

The next quilt is by Dianne Hundley at Planet Patchwork.  It was a mystery quilt many years ago. 

So, all in all a fantastic couple of days work.
My Bernina comes home again tomorrow, so all is good in my part of the world.


  1. Love your quilts! And good luck on the storage-facilities........ ;))

  2. Clever use for that step ladder! Congrats on you recent finishes as well. I love the black and bright quilt, just awesome! Don't feel too bad about those UFOs, we've all got 'em. I have quilts on my "finish up in 2010" list that are a couple years old too ;cD

  3. Congratulations on your finishes - now you'll have to make some more tops to fill the new gaps on your quilt ladder. Excellent repurpose of the step ladder - you can never have too many horizontal planes to hold stuff.