Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In.

Well, how quickly has the past month zoomed by?
Certainly doesn't seem that long since the last Friday Night Sew-in.  Not sure which project I will continue on with tonight.  Please come along and join in the fun of sewing in your pj's.
I had a class with Kellie from Don't Look Know  to finish off my cushion cover.  I've stitched around the applique and am now doing the background quilting.  I'm really enjoying the process of quilting around the applique.  Maybe one day I'll really get the hang of it!

Some very naughty words were spoken under my breath, I can tell you, when stitching in between the flowers amidst the stems.  Next time I'll stitch the stems last.

Here is some of my practice stitching, I rather like the flower shapes and the teardrops.


  1. Check out that quilting - very nice. Mmm, maybe I need to take a class with Kellie - the quilting part! Looking forward to spending Friday night with friends :)

  2. Your quilting is very pretty, Kerry. Keep up the good work. And I hope you accomplish a lot with your sew-in time. So satisfying, I'm sure!