Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yahoo, I'm done....

Yes, I've finished the centre of my latest quilt.  After more than 450 hexagons, I'm done.  Gosh it feels good. 
I've never been so fixated on a project, but I'm glad I persevered.  I think sewing hexies is very meditative and I found that I kept thinking "just one more to sew, then I'll stop for the night".  Well several hours later, I've had some very late nights! 

I now have to  stitch around the outside, onto my background fabric.  Tonight I'm going to listen to a speaker  - Kellie Wulfsohn at  Don't Look Now   , at Essendon Quilters with my GF Ms A.  So this will be my take along project.  Love Kellie's work and her blog.
I've been back at machine sewing some blocks for Quiltville's mystery quilt from late last year- Carolina Christmas.  I'm 3/4 of the way through that project.  Will post a pic when I've finished the top. 
I love the mystery quilts of Bonnie K. Hunter over at Quiltville.  The patterns are well thought out and her signature style is stash busting scrappy.  She has a great number of free patterns on her site, and has written 2 books of fantastic quilts.  I really recommend a look.
I've also started on the Postage Stamp quilt that has a button on the right hand side of my blog.  No photo of my progress yet, perhaps tomorrow.  
I feel wonderful, last year I hardly put a stitch in anywhere due to long working hours.  When I was home I just couldn't be bothered- bite my tongue- but now I've changed jobs and decreased my hours at work.  I have time to sew again, and sew I have been.  I have a callus on my finger from hand sewing and I couldn't be happier!!  LOL.


  1. Love it looks fantastic.


    ps I teach my hexagon quilt ( 1/2") at gatton in may this year, if you like to see it check out this blog

  2. I'm impressed but did you have to put into words just How...Many...Hexagons...*groan*, I only have about 400 to go!!! It is looking wonderful, love the fussy cutting.

  3. Congratulations on your huge progress! And isn't this is one of your Ten in '10 projects, too? Way to go! Cheryl at Willowberry Designs is also hexie piecing now, and is tempting others to join her.

    That Bonnie Hunter is a go-getter, isn't she? I've made two of her string-pieced quilts and hope to make the Spiderweb one in the next year. In the meantime, I'm beavering away on my own Ten in '10!