Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm getting the centre together slowly, but surely.
Last night I set myself up with movies on the laptop and my sewing.  I watched the first 2 X-Men movies.  I know I'm a little behind the times, but better late than never.  So, several hours later, I had pieced the top part of the centre.  I'm sewing hexagons in my sleep!

I have The Da Vinci Code on the menu for tonights sewing pleasure.  See how far behind the times I really am.
Anyone have any tips for good movies to watch whilst sewing?
Last week I worked my way through 14 1/2 hour episodes of a BBC Dickens period drama- Little Dorrit.  Great viewing.  Does anyone else watch a series whilst sewing , but as each episode finishes think- Hmmm, one more episode and a little more stitching,  Only to find yourself sewing until 1 AM?

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  1. I record lots on my DVR and listen to it while I sew. I seldom actually watch unless something really catches my attention.