Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, today was a little disappointing as far as stitching goes.
It's the time of year when DH and I bottle tomatoes.  Yes, every year we make tomatoe puree to use in pasta sauces, minestrone, anything that requires tinned tomatoes.  I far prefer our home made ones to the ones in tins.
 A lingering taste of summer.  We usually do 3-4 20kg boxes in a day.  Mind you, our neighbours do about 20 boxes (it's a family event!), but we feel good about our effort. LOL.
I have a Fowlers Vacola outfit and a hand-cranked machine that pushes the tomatoes through a sieve, but it just takes time.
Here's a small part of our effort.  Aren't they gorgeous and red and tomatoey looking?
Hopefully I'll find some time to do a little stitching now.


  1. Mmm, yummy, home bottled tomatoes. A good excuse for not stitching.

  2. Another talent you have! I'm envious that you know how to can. That expertise is slowly fading away here, especially in the cities. I know of only one friend in my very large circle of acquaintances, who cans, and she does it only sporadically. You are to be admired. And those jars even look delicious!

  3. I should of done that last season when we had tons of spare tomatoes....
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