Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A finish.

I'm not big on actually totally finishing a quilt.  I love to finish the top, I occasionally have some tops basted to quilt myself, or have them long-arm quilted.  However, I almost never actually then get the binding on.  Strange, I know.
However, feast your eyes on this...

Totally finished, binding and all.  My little tablerunner. Done and dusted.  Ended up about 40" by 8".
Quilted all by myself

Here is my idea of quilting.  To see some inspired, talented quilting on a domestic sewing machine , have a look at my friend  Linda's Blog.
Just scroll down a bit to see how she's going machine quitling her own design onto her latest work of textile art.
And here in its final home.

Love Entwined... still...

I was overjoyed when I saw the pattern for Love Entwined on Esther Aliu's blog.
I ummmmed and ahhhhhed for ages, deciding on the perfect colours.  Then it took me a whilt to applique the first instalment.
So, now here's my problem.  I'm still sitting, waiting, because although I knew what fabric I wanted to use as my background, I don't have any!
How is it possible that in my excitement, I forgot to buy some?  So now here I wait, still, for my background to arrive.

I'm mulling (love that word) over the blue for my triangles that surround the centre.   Maybe a bit to dark.  I think I'd like the lighter blue,perhaps.
I'm liking to Esther's WOW today- WIPS on Wednesday.  Please have a look at everyone else who is linking up.  Many people are much further with Love Entwined than me, their centres are wonderful.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Love Entwined.

I've been watching the blogosphere twittering away for some weeks recently.  Esther Aliu has drafted the pattern for a quilt thought to be made in about 1790, which she has called Love Entwined.
There was much talk about her new design before we got a look at it, and I did think- hmmm , don't think I need another quilt in the works.
However, once she released the first part (completely free by the way, monthly for 18 months) I did step back and think- "How can I not?".
Sooo, I've finally finished dillydallying about the colours and stitched the centre mariner's compass block.

I did change the yellow from my first selection, it wasn't quite right.  However, I'm very happy now.
I do need to applique the centre to the soft green and cream , and then applique some tiny little circles around to finish.
Nearly ready for the next instalment.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Cakestand blocks.

I'm still working away each day (or two!) at producing 1 teensy little 2 1/2", unfinished, block.
They are tiny and quite addictive.  
I got the date mucked up today, so I'm a day ahead.  Fifteen blocks down and another 16 to go.

What more perfect place to keep them, than in a sweet little Koko Black chocolate box.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Laura's Legacy Part 2. Jacob's Ladder.

Just lookie at what the postie brought to me this morning.

The second instalment in my monthly small quilts from The Quilted Crow ladies.

Oh so cute.

And , gorgeous fabric to use to boot.  The five little pieces at the top are "extras", just to fill the package.  How nice.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Table Runner.

Way back in February , I followed along on a sew-along with Pam Buda to make  "Scraps and Orphans".  We made 5 cute little 4" blocks that were meant to be a little table topper or runner.
Well, I didn't really want anything that small, so I made up 3 more little blocks with some left-overs, and they all just sat quietly together waiting for inspiration to strike.
Strike it did, yesterday.  I'm moving furniture around in the lounge room, and now have  a long, thin  bare space on top of a low bookcase.  Cue an Aha!! moment.

So, top pieced. I hope to machine quilt it together tomorrow, ready for its place on the bookcase.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Little tiny blocks.

Is anyone else making the 2" (finished) tiny little Cakestand blocks from Temecula Quilt Shop Blog?
You only need to make 1 little block per day for  the next 2 months. 
So far, I'm up to date!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Time Flies.

Gosh, the time goes past so fast.
Seems like my stitching time is minimal these days, the DD's are on school holidays.  I don't need to do much for them, but just having extra people around, and the constant "when's lunch/ dinner time" seems to take a lot of time.
I've had some quilt tops sitting around for quite a while (several years if truth be told), and decided to take advantage of a discount for edge to edge quilting.  I don't really enjoy quilting as much as sewing the tops, so a win win for me.
This sight greeted me Friday morning.

A mountain of quilts came in the post.

Just relaxing on the couch whilst I decide on bindings!