Monday, July 15, 2013

Love Entwined.

I've been watching the blogosphere twittering away for some weeks recently.  Esther Aliu has drafted the pattern for a quilt thought to be made in about 1790, which she has called Love Entwined.
There was much talk about her new design before we got a look at it, and I did think- hmmm , don't think I need another quilt in the works.
However, once she released the first part (completely free by the way, monthly for 18 months) I did step back and think- "How can I not?".
Sooo, I've finally finished dillydallying about the colours and stitched the centre mariner's compass block.

I did change the yellow from my first selection, it wasn't quite right.  However, I'm very happy now.
I do need to applique the centre to the soft green and cream , and then applique some tiny little circles around to finish.
Nearly ready for the next instalment.


  1. Now why in the world would you show me a FREE pattern like this? Don't you know I immediately pictured it in modern fabrics and then wanted to start it right away? How COULD you!? I thought you were my friend!

  2. I really love your fabric selection here, I only stumbled across it in the group photos today and it works! It's beautiful.

    The only trouble after seeing so many beautiful compasses is deciding on my own. Too much choice.