Saturday, November 17, 2012

Whilst I was taking photos of my quilt the other day, I took the opportunity to photograph some others that are also too big to hang inside.

This quilt started life as a mystery quilt way back in 1999.  I did finish the top soon after the class ended.  Not bad for me.  LOL.  However there it sat for a long time.  Finally, a very good friend of mine convinced me to quilt it and be done. So, over even more time, it was slowly machine quilted by me on my domestic machine.  Whoever thought that quilting on the diagonal on a king sized quilt would work needs shooting- Guess that would be me!  Oh, not forgetting that I had embellished the pomegranates in the middle with beading before quilting.  That certainly led to some interesting moments.
However, it was finished and I'll be eternally grateful to Megan for giving me the push I needed.

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