Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, I'm still a little behind this week for my Just Takes 2 blocks.
I've finished the last fortnight, now I have until the 15th of this month to get the next blocks done.  Thankfully there are only 2 blocks in the next part.

From a distance, the applique looks OK!
I think after the next blocks, we get  to sew the first section of blocks together.  That will be interesting, to see how this quilt is starting to take shape.
I'm very thankful to the Just Takes 2 ladies for going to all this trouble for our benefit, with no cost involved.
A lot of these blocks are paper foundation pieced.  I really dislike foundation piecing, however, I'm choosing to make this a learning experience.  LOL.  By the end of this quilt, I'll either like this form of piecing, or I'll never do it again!

My Summer School quilt is slowly taking shape.  The centre hexagon flowers are now being sewn together.

I still need to decide on something to go in the centre.
The glue stick method of baste-ing the small red shapes is fantastic.  No fiddling with needle and thread, no hours of sewing.  Just a very quick pin shape into place, cut around, then glue.  I'm best friends with my Sewline glue pen at the moment.


  1. Great tip with the glue stick! Love your red and white blocks! Gorgeous.

  2. Your JT2 blocks are looking fabulous...I have the same issue with my Summer School hexie quilt, what to put in the centre! Enjoy the audition process...

  3. Really? Those little red pieces are glued into place? What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing it. Did you figure it out for yourself or learn it somewhere else? Happy sewing!