Saturday, March 17, 2012

A very busy Friday Night Sew In resulted in some much needed stitching around here.
I finished the 15 1/2" Feathered Star Star block for my Red and White quilt.

It needs a good press and trim, but it's not too bad!

I have been watching the weekly blog postings from the Temecula Quilt Co blog.  They are celebrating 5 years in business this year and have a weekly mystery basket block presented on their blog for March.  The very cute little 4 1/2" blocks will then go into making a small quilt with some plain fabric squares in between the baskets. 
I was waiting for their fabric kit to arrive in the post, and finally  on Thursday it found its way here.
A really lovely group of fabrics from Old Savannah by Paula Barnes. 

And yet again, as I look at the photo, I see a mistake.   The bottom basket block should have a plain triangle at the base of the basket.  I'm soooo observant!  LOL.
To round out the  night, I finished stitching my Pom Pom hexagon quilt centre together- well the hexagons anyway, I still have to make up my mind about the feature fabric in the centre.

Can't wait to stitch the centre into place so that I can take out some of the paper pieces and make the centre a little softer to sew.
Don't you love it when you're in the mood to sew, and the planets align (the kids leave you alone!) so that plenty of sewing can happen.


  1. Your feathered star is so pretty! It looks as though it was tedious to sew. Good for you for making it look so nice. And I adore your Pom Pom hexagons. Is there a reason it's named so? Will the center be a focus print? It's lovely. I'm glad you had a FNSI evening to sew, all by yourself. And from the US, happy National Quilting Day!

  2. Love that feathered star block...and the little baskets are very cute...well done on getting Pom Pom's centre stitched certainly were very busy...mmmm maybe that's where my stitching time wandered off to, it got bored waiting for me and went to your house! you're welcome *LOL*