Sunday, March 4, 2012

A busy week in the house this week.
I really feel like I haven't accomplished much, but I have found a little time here and there thank goodness.

 I finished my February small quilt for Jo's  Quiltalong with plenty of time to spare, but I've just decided to handquilt it.  I found some fabric with plums (what was I thinking?) on it, perfect backing I thought.  So, I've cut batting and backing for my 2 small quilts and 2 other little quilts and I'm good to go.  Mind you, they'll take me months- I'm realistic! 
I really like hand quilting, but I'm very slow.

I've also been working on my Just Takes 2  blocks for this fortnight.  The latest blocks came out on March 1, but now I'm only one block behind.
Finished this last night- please don't look too close at the applique.

I must admit to really loving this quilt-along.  There is something very "clean" looking about a two colour quilt, and I love red and white together. 

Lastly, I'm back doing a little stitching on my "Princess Feather" border.

I'm stitching one block then one border at a time.  I've recently seen another Kim McLean quilt in the works that I love, need to finish this one first.
Variety is the spice of life, isn't it?  LOL.


  1. Everything is looking so pretty! You have a lot of projects going. :o) Looking forward to seeing them progress. xo

  2. Your border is looking really good, love your fabric choices. You are a bit ahead of me with the JT2 blocks, I need to get motivated with them.

  3. You do such great handwork. It's nice to know you hand quilt. I very much enjoy it myself, but haven't touched any for a couple years... because I'm so slow at it. I need to make a conscious decision to slow down and enjoy making quilts. Your Princess Feather border is stunning! It's great to see how talented you are with hand applique too!

  4. Loving that little bear paw will look gorgeous hand quilted...and absolutely hands up for boring to just work on one thing at a time..or maybe that is just me not being able to comprehend staying focused to make that happen!...nice to see Princess Feather make an appearance, so gorgeous...