Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where did the day go?

What happened to today?
I got up as usual and said goodbye to everyone as they left.  Had breakfast and my shower.  That's when the time loss began.
I've been having problems with motivation lately, as evidenced by my lack of posts!  Anyway, it wasn't because of lack of projects.  I had fabric and projects coming out my ears.  This morning I decided that this was the problem.  I like to work on a couple of projects at the same time, but I'd been pulling fabrics from my fabric resource library (sounds impressive LOL) for each step of each project and had a big mess everywhere I looked.  No wonder I couldn't sit down to sew and relax.
So, I started to tidy my sewing room this morning.  Oh what a job.  Putting away in the correct container seemed like a perfect solution at the beginning.  Well, 4 hours in, I was so over it all!!  I was also vacuuming, dusting as I went so you do understand how I felt!
After doing this all day I now have carpet back. LOL.  I knew it was there somewhere, just couldn't see it.
Remember my stepladder AKA another perfect horizontal storage surface from a few posts ago?  Well, here it is all clean  and ready for use to climb.
The pile of fabric to the left of the first photo is actually waiting to be put away into tubs in the morning.  As I came across pieces of fabric, I either threw away or made a pile for  storage.  I like to store my fabric by colour for the most part.  But I also have separate a 1930's  tub and a Civil War repro tub. 
So, everything has ended up off the floor and onto the bench.  This lot needs to be sorted too, but I'm awfully glad to have it off the floor and I know where most of it needs to live now.
All the errant projects now live in thesed very nice project boxes from my local $2 shop.  When I'm motivated to sew on something in particular, I can just grab the box and all the fabrics are there.
The gorgeous red box has my Dear Jane things in it.  I've been steadily stitching away on those pesky little blocks.
I'm tired after all that, off to bed! LOL. 


  1. What a productive day. I know you don't have any quilting to show for the day but the clean work area must make you feel successful!


  2. Carpet ... and a step ladder! The things that hide in sewing rooms *LOL*. Pretty project boxes...all this organising, hope it leads to some stitchy motivation once you get over the exhaustion.