Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Jane day.

Went to my monthly Dear Jane class yesterday.  We're down to 6 ladies now, a very cold, wet dreary day so I'm not surprised that 3 ladies didn't attend.
I finished my 20th block!!!  These little blocks are taking over my world at the moment, so I've decided to take a week off and get back to some other sewing. 
Here is my little purple lovely with some other blocks.
anyway, I need to catch up on some Joseph's Coat blocks for the stitch along with Kellie of Don't Look Now.  Catch up is probably not the word I'm looking for.  I actually need to start the blocks!  I have been making the little peel shapes ready to applique down for ages.  Need to actually sew some down.  We have a class with Kellie in June, at Patchwork House  in Hawthorn.  Anyone who's interested is welcome to call Kylie at Patchwork House for details, you don't need to be anywhere in particular with the quilt.  Just as well really, as I'm no further along since our first get-together earlier this year!


  1. 20 blocks done! No wonder they've taken over your world...multiplying like rabbits. They are looking so the purple one.

  2. Oh, I'm turning green here in Iowa, and not because it's spring! (giggle) I'm envious that you get to attend a class led by Kellie. She's one talented lady. If you have a chance, please tell her Linda, of the white tone-on-tone bullseye fabric, says hi. Please visit my blog to see the project roll-up/tutorial that I'm using to carry my Joseph's Coat Quilt Along project. Thanks!