Saturday, September 15, 2012

I think I've outsmarted myself this week.
I was quite up to date with my Robin's Nest BOM, so I didn't hurry to stay ahead this month.  I cut everything out and then the pieces just sat.  I was planning to machine stitch everything together for this border.  Well, guess what happens when the pieces won't quickly and easily  go together when machine sewn?  Yes, I get annoyed at myself and put the quilt on the back burner.
However, this month being "hand sewing for an hour a day " month, I finally got moving last night and started hand sewing the pieces together.

I had every intention of machine sewing those little background pieces into the zigzag, certain it would come together very quickly.  Let me tell you, although I have no trouble with sewing y seams, little tiny  y seams are a trouble all of their own!  So, now I'm sewing by hand, the next month of the BOM came this week and now I'm behind!
I've also been hand sewing along on my hexagon quilt.  It's growing slowly but surely.

Only 5 more red diamonds to go and this round is finished.

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