Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday Night Sew In...

Well, I felt very industrious Friday night as I joined in once again with Heidi and Bobbi  and many other stitchers from around the globe at Friday Night Sew In.
I had a few tasks lined up, to fill in the evening.
Firstly, I finished off a couple of Dear Jane blocks that I'd partly sewn.
Then, I filled in several hours stitching a block that's new to me.  Called Blind Man's Puzzle, I found a picture a couple of weeks ago whilst surfing websites.  Unfortunately, I committed the unforgivable act of forgetting to bookmark the blog that I found it on.  Don't you hate that?   Anyway, I love the pattern.
The centre square is a lovely red, the pic doesn't do it justice.
A fantastic flying geese sashing goes around each 15 " block.
Edit: just noticed that the hourglass blocks aren't orientated correctly.  Hmm,to change or not to change.
I'm also not too happy about the dark outer pieces of the block, may have to take them off and replace with something a little lighter.
Then to finish the night off, I did a little more applique on my Princess Feather border.
I have glue basted several pieces on, now just to finish stitching.
So, all in all a very productive night.


  1. Well weren't you the over achiever of the group! (the group in this case being well, you and me) Loving the Blind Man's Puzzle block...and Princess Feather is looking rather gorgeous...well done on making progress on three projects...

  2. Well done, Kerry! No need to change the hourglass blocks. From here they look balanced, and the darker values keep your eyes focused on the center and those dozens of hst's. Princess Feathers is coming along nicely. I wish I had as much interest in hand applique as you do. All in all, a FNSI well done. Good on you!

  3. Kerry that border will be so beautiful..I am amazed at how many little pieces are in that. Wonderful!!