Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday Night Sew In.

Well, after many Friday night false starts, I finally managed to sew during FNSI.  I can't tell you how food that felt.  As they say, the best laid plans.... and all that.
Anyway, nothing stood in my way tonight and I sewed.  DVD's in the background- managed to get through 2 movies.  The original Fame from 1980, and then the re-make in 1990.  I remembered the series from the '80's , it was fairly light hearted.  The original was anything but, and put a sombre tone on the night until the remake.  Then finished up with some tried and true West Wing.  I love watching things I've seen before so I don't have to watch or listen really, just noise in the background.
Anyway,  I managed to make a dent in the blocks for Roll Roll Cotton Boll , the mystery by Bonnie K Hunter from November last year.
Thank goodness I got some time in on those blocks, they've been taking over my sewing table since November.  Couldn't pack them up because I was "going to work on them."  LOL.
Then to finish off the night, a little light hand sewing.  My "Anna" quilt by Karen Cunningham is slowly getting somewhere. 
Fourth border is under construction as we speak.  Then its some more applique on a lovely large border and finished!  Sounds good in theory.  should take me to Christmas.  LOL.

Well, off to make a Cup of tea and survey the damage that was my kitchen.  After 17 years of on again off again renovating, I can almost start to make out the light at the end of the tunnel.  Currently have no kitchen as such.  DH is plastering the walls before laying some lovely floorboards.  In about a month the nice kitchen making man will turn up and put in my new cupboards and  benchtops.  Roll on installation is all I can say.  Thanks goodness I've got sewing to do!
Gorgeous Autumn day here, hope your weather is equally kind.


  1. Can't wait to see your version of RRCB...
    Wow...check out your Anna's Quilt...looking fantastic...
    Well done on achieving for FNSI...

  2. gee this looks great,well done

  3. Oh Kerry! I'm so happy for you to be working on RRCB again! You're in a much better place with your blocks than I am with mine. I recently blogged about having to resew, and unsew those 120 HST strips! Horrible job, but making slow progress. Yours is looking very nice. If it makes you feel better, I know you'll "win" in this finish!

    How lovely to be getting a new kitchen! Slow going, it sounds like, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.