Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, the first part of this little hexagon quilt is finally finished.  Little pieces, lots of sides, lots of stitching.  This is the centre panel.

I really like the blue background.  It's a bit out of my comfort zone, I usually use something in a cream/ tan/coffee colour.
Have I told you that all those hexagons are 1/2"!!  LOL.
I've decided that I hate pulling out the basting threads.
So, on to the next bit- the coffin border.  I think this will go a bit more quickly.  It's just straight hand piecing.  The centre is surrounded with a border of these shapes, 3 deep. 
Then a wide border with a little bit of applique, and a final small border.  And it's finished.
Thanks goodness. because it's taking all my effort not to start 1 of 2 new projects that are calling to me like Sirens. 
I have the pattern, and all the fabric and threads to start the mystery quilt in "Vignette" magazine.  And I am also following and salivating over a free mystery quilt designed by Esther Aliu called Hearts Desire. Esther's quilt is all applique- my favourite, and the first two months worth are lovely.
It's taking all my strength to just look at the fabric for each of these projects and leave it where it is on the shelf. 


  1. Loving it so far...those coffins will be'll have it all done in no time...keep ignoring those other projects no matter how hard they can do it, you can sail through those waters without being enticed...

  2. It's beautiful, Kerry! You've been so diligent, and it shows! You taught me a new term, "coffin." Guess it doesn't mean buried. Yours have a lot of life in them! Thanks for sharing your progress.

  3. Lovely Quilt Kerry. Must keep an eye on your progress.