Thursday, March 26, 2015

A little Cross Stitching.

Whilst away at Summer School, we were treated to a cross stitch lesson/refresher by Karen  from The Stitching Post  in Katoomba.  Karen also runs an online needlework shop Linen and Threads, and does the most beautiful cross stitch I've ever seen.
A simple request to "show us how to stitch" became a wonderfully informative 2 hour lesson on the finer points of cross stitch.  Karen generously provided all those interested with a small kit that could become a pin cushion or a framed picture. 
Eeek, in taking this picture, I've just realised the bottom 2 pink flowers aren't finished.  Tomorrow's job!
This little kit rekindled my long lost love of cross stitch, so I purchased a pattern whilst at Summer School. 
I guess there is nothing like jumping in with both feet to the deep end!

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