Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's been a while....

Well, life has sure been interesting around here for the past few months.  I didn't sew a stitch for 12 weeks, not that I was counting or anything, but it felt so bad.
I'm working hard to remedy that, so I've decided to finish a few projects that are almost done.  I guess I got so close to the finish line, that I lost interest.
Today, I started by getting out 3 folders of blocks for the "Just Takes 2" red and white quilt from a few years ago.  The past week has seen me finishing off 8 blocks, so now they're all done. 
Onto constructing the top.
My three bulging folders of blocks.

A good start.

And here is today's section finished.

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  1. Empathy on the lack of stitching feeling...it just feels so wrong when sewing isn't happening...you're off to a flying start with the remedy, hitting the sewing room running there!...