Friday, April 11, 2014

Gathering In The Barn.

Last Saturday, I spent a lovely day stitching with very Good Friend, Gerry.
We trecked off early in the morning to Wonga Park( Visa and passport at the ready!), for a wonderful day with The Quilted Crow Ladies.
The day started with a delicious morning tea and progressed upwards from there.
Gerry and I both started stitching the lovely felted wool applique design on cotton fabric.
This is such an easy method of applique- blanket stitching around woolen shapes.
Gerry hard at work on her project.  This was the first time that Gerry had attempted applique, I'm trying very hard to get her into quilting.
The shapes are all stapled down onto the background- I wasn't sure about this, but it worked really well.  The staples come out very easily, and didn't "cut" through the fabric threads.
My finished piece.  This class was very relaxing and enjoyable, the project so achievable.  Whilst I took a few days to get finished, Gerry finished hers on the day!!!
And with the frame I purchased on the day.  Now to find a place to hang it.


  1. What fun - I love The Crows - such great teachers and wonderful projects!

  2. Well done. Looks wonderful. Good luck and great success converting Gerry. Surely she converted after this!

  3. I've never worked with wool, but it seems a lot of people like it. And the staples idea? Well, that's really something! So glad you have a finish! That must be a happy feeling.

  4. That is so cute...sounds like a fun day...stapling is an interesting variation, I can see how it would be fast and the pieces would stay nicely where you put them. So Gerry is still up to her finishing the project on the day tricks! *LOL*...applique is a start, almost to the quilter line, keep it up, she'll be converted eventually..