Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celtic Solstice

Well, a blogging emergency was averted this morning.  I always carefully store my camera cable, I always know where it is so I can upload photos when I want to.
Somehow, I've filed it away very safely so it hasn't been seen for 4 days!  I've been panic stricken.  How to upload the photos?
I've never taken the SD card out of my camera before to transfer data- probably because I was oblivious to the fact that you could!  Oh dear. I'm technology challenged.  My DD's just look at me and shake their heads.
Anyway, I've had lessons on SD card removal and photo transfer.
So, here is my finished Celtic Solstice.
Dare I say it, it's ready to go off to the quilter!
This quilt was last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  We started the Friday after Thanksgiving, and had the last clue on New Year's Day.
Imagine how good it feels to have finished this quilt already.
I'm very happy.
I'm linking up with Bonnie Hunter's  mystery quilt Link-Up.  Please go and have a look at what everyone has been up to.


  1. It is beautiful! Congratulations on getting it finished (and getting your photo onto the computer)!

  2. I am happy that you figured it out because your quilt is beautiful! This has been such a thrill to know that quilters from all over the world are working on this quilt. Stay cool! We are trying to stay warm. -15 degrees F here in Wisconsin tonight.

  3. Well done, it looks now you are the go-to person for IT techy stuff, good to know!...