Friday, December 6, 2013

Celtic Solstice.

Another year has gone, and it's time for the annual Bonnie Hunter Mystery.
I was all ready to start.  I really was.  Fabrics kind of picked, machine ready.  Hmmm, when the instructions listed a Tri-Recs ruler, why did I just think "check"?
Sooo, I have been waiting anxiously since Monday for my ruler.  No local shops stock it, or could order it for me.  So, luckily for me, trusty mailorder came through.  Punch with Judy had the ruler in stock.  Impatiently waiting until today.
Look what the postie brought me!
I was worried about it surviving the post, but Judy packaged it up very carefully.
 Still need a ruler, and live in Australia?  Contact Judy, she's been very helpful everytime I've contacted her.
Unfortunately need to work today, but look out tonight when I get home! 

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