Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting Nowhere Fast.

I've had a little lull in sewing for a quite a few days.  Just haven't felt like stitching anything.
Must be the Winter blahs!
However, I'm happy to say the feeling is returning.  Thank Goodness .
I need to get moving on the centre of my Love Entwined quilt.

SO, I cut and basted the circle of  blue triangles.  Great, I thought, I'll stitch them down.

  Not.  I then realised that I needed some green stems to go under the triangles.  OK, so bias strip cut and stems made.  Great now I'll sew.

Not.  Last realisation hits- need some leaves that go under the stems that go under the triangles.

Oh Dear.  Not really up there in the brain stakes at the moment!
Thankfully, I've now got all my bits done and I can start to sew.
I'm just trying to work out whether to stitch the little flowers in just like the pattern, or fussy cut these little flowers instead.


  1. At least you are getting it done!! I am still on the compass ring!!!

  2. With such pretty fabrics you can't go wrong!

  3. Oh Kerry you must of heard me laughing from up here in Kuranda Cairns QLD.. I unpicked my last joining star of my compass that many times and changed the colour far to many times to remember. finally I left the joining star wonky and I'm going to have to live with it for 2 years I work on LE not liking it but some one some day will say it has to be hand made it's not perfect LOL. Cheers glenda

  4. Whoo! It looks like a lot of work... and planning! I'm glad you're getting it figured out. And thanks for affirming that I'm really happy about watching YOU do this!

  5. Loving the blue fabric for the triangles...I so get the whole it's too cold to do anything thing...roll on Spring and some sunshine!!...

  6. Hi Kerry
    Loving your quilts and work. I just am finding it hard to,read the text on the dark purple background.