Saturday, February 18, 2012

I started working on the next border for my Mrs Billings  Quilt last night.
It's certainly been a while, but I've been looking at the centre for a few days now knowing it was at the top of my to-do list again.

This is only the first of the next borders, but it's a start.
I hunted high and low for some little sticky sand-paper dots to put on the back of the plastic templates.  You can see them on the template in the photo.   They stop the template sliding around when rotary cutting and I love them.  I had just a couple left that I bought years ago.  When I tried to source them again recently, many shops had never heard of them.  Finally found them in Adelaide whilst on holidays.  Thank goodness, because there are many small templates in this quilt.
This border will finish Part 1, I've received up to part 5, so a bit of sewing to catch up!

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  1. Your border is looking very nice, won't be long until you've got that Part 1 done and dusted. Looks like a successful FNSI at you house. Sticky sand paper dots...good idea, will have to look out for them...