Friday, February 11, 2011

Gosh, doesn't the time just fly by when you're not looking?
I've slowly been working on some more of my Summer School project.  I'm getting quite used to stitching 1/4" hexagons together.  I've finished the 9 centre blocks, these will be stitched onto a centre panel, and now I'm moving onto the border of coffin shapes to go around the centre panel.

I received a copy of Vignette recently.  Besides lots of eye candy, it also has some lovely projects.  I was particularly drawn to a mystery block of the month.   I sourced the fat quarters of "Sweet Broderie" by Rosalie Quinlan, and some Lecien Basics fabrics.  The quilt has embroidery in Cosmo threads on linen intermingled with the blocks.  Today I received my parcel of threads from Gum Valley Patchwork near Warrnambool.
Such lovely thread, such beautiful colours.   Lucky me, Linda even popped a couple of extra threads into the parcel.
The colours in this fabric are so fresh and yummy.
Just to bring me back to earth, I've actually been spending quite a bit of time altering school uniforms for the start of the school year.  What a waste of good sewing time- taking up hems!  LOL.


  1. Oh I so want those centres...would save me doing mine *LOL*...way to go, at this rate you'll have a Summer School quilt done in the same year as you slow down...oh yes, yummy new project to divert your those gorgeous cosmo threads and Sweet Broderie...lucky you to score an couple of extra colours...

  2. Oh I love those hexagons. Is this your own pattern or someone elses? I am trying to picture coffin shapes around those. Hope to see more photos soon. Whatever you do, the center fabrics are gorgeous.

  3. Those hexagon blocks are beautiful!

  4. Nice hexagons and fun fabric.

    Angie -